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One Membership,
endless opportunities

“Quisque faber fortunae suae”
Every man is the artisan of his own fortune!

Appius Claudius Caecus

Why Join

Because we are a company unlike any other. Right from the start we have built our company based small set of core principles, the foremost of which “to give distinction to the elite chefs of yachting”. Everything we do, we do because we believe super yacht chefs are the lifeblood of the industry.

Why do we do things different?

Because within the industry the job of a Chef is without compare. Above all else it is their magical touch that can make or break the trip of the owner, or guest.

Because the skillset of a yacht chef is far more broad and diverse than any land based chef, for they must be the masters of multiple cuisines, improvise on the spot and perform under a pressure unlike any other. After all, it is not easy serving some of the wealthiest and most powerful individuals in the world.

Because we believe in showcasing something as magnificent as the cuisine these chefs are able to create. We want them to take the centre stage in multiple publications, events and more importantly TV formats and more.

How do we do things different?

By focusing on recognising the individual artistic and creative abilities a chef possesses. Not by forcing them into a classroom. Our assessments take a holistic approach to verifying the individual talents a chef might possess and through that giving them an appropriate level of distinction.

By putting the chef at the forefront. SeaStrars is all about them and what they can do; we are here just to facilitate it. The multiple media platforms we have built were built for them.

By not prioritising the chef’s wallet, because of our assessment and ranking system we are able to dissociate from the common industry practice of trying to take as much from the crewmember as possible.

What we want to do for the chef

Our objective is to facilitate the verification of a chef’s abilities, our C-Service Record will give them access to an official way to log relevant information to their career. The SeaStars ranks we created are to define the levels at which a chef operates. We know like any other artist they all have unique skillsets, but they operate within the same scope of practice. To merge these two factors our ranking structure takes a holistic approach to give proportionate distinction for certain skills and factors in technical knowledge and skills you can’t train, like attitude, talent and creativity.

SeaStars is building a community, a one filled with exceptional chefs who can be looked up to as role models and pioneers. A community where chefs can ask for advice, or share vital knowledge and use their collective voice to push the industry in a positive direction.

We believe in pushing your career forward through opportunity. SeaStars will be hosting events and be present a yacht shows, where we want the focus to be on the chef, providing them with the opportunity to show live, just how talented they are. There will be both SeaStars books and SeaStars magazines, in them the chef will be taking centre stage.

How will we do it?

SeaStars in not here to teach, our goal is not to create a predefined mould and force people to adhere to our version of a chef. That’s not how the world of cooking works, and that’s not what being a chef is about. Creating cuisine is a form of art and, like all the arts, different people express them in different ways. But there are common characteristics that bind together the people who create it. They must have the desire to achieve excellence; they must hunger for perfection, they must be creative and have courage to try new things, fuse new cuisines, and they must have capacity to learn and practice different techniques. There exist numerous chefs in the industry who embody these characteristics, but have no certification to prove it.

The SeaStars assessments merely ask chefs to demonstrate their abilities, so we can give them the official recognition they deserve. But our assessments are just the foundation of the personal relationship we aim to build by learning about a chef’s individual characteristics. This foundation will allow us to build a platform upon which we can promote these chefs, help them promote themselves and give them the recognition they deserve. Our goal is to build a community who can rely on each other and whose voice and ideas drive the industry in a positive direction.

The SeaStars Ranks were developed to give a structured path for the progression of a chef’s career. Although each step is clearly defined our standards are high. Our assessment framework takes an all-encompassing approach to the recognition of an individual’s abilities so that we are able to recognise the range of abilities a chef has and the level on which they perform. The chef on board is a part of crew than the seafarer is important too, for this reason we include in our assessment a certain level some seafarer certificate to increase widely their professionality.

What It Means To Be A SeaStars Chef

In life the best things are the ones you work hard to achieve, becoming a SeaStars Chef requires a great deal of commitment and hard work, but the rewards will be beyond expectations. Through SeaStars you can enhance your CV and personal portfolio, giving yourself the chance to take home bigger earnings, find better jobs, and enjoy a little fame. SeaStars Chefs are the champions of the culinary culture in the industry.

After earning this distinguished title you will hold a large influence over the pace and direction the industry moves in. By achieving this rank all SeaStars Chefs will be achieving our vision of giving distinction to the truly elite chefs within the industry.