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The Yacht Chefs Professional Career 


SeaStars is not a school, and the main scope is to certify the professionalism of Yacht Chefs through different assessments that, once passed, reward them with a professional classification reflecting their abilities.

The classification system was developed in order to provide a structured path for career progression as follows:

  • YC 1-SeaStars

    Any Yacht Chef with a minimum of at least 4 effective months of culinary experience onboard of a Yacht can apply for this assessment level. He must be able to demonstrate its knowledge of generic international cuisine and the environment in which he operates.

  • YC 2-SeaStars

    A Yacht Chef with a minimum of 12 effective months of culinary experience onboard of a Yacht can access this assessment level. A more specific knowledge of cuisines is here required.

  • YC 3-SeaStars

    A Yacht Chef with a minimum of 24 effective months of culinary experience onboard of a Yacht could apply for this assessment level. Here a very specific, varied and in-depth knowledge of several cuisines is a must to pass the assessment.

  • YC 4-SeaStars

    Only innovative Yacht Chefs with a minimum of 33 effective months of culinary experience onboard of a Yacht could venture in this assessment. Requirements are high such as a wide and deep knowledge of several different cuisines as well as the ability to innovate and lead the path for new culinary trends.  

  • Golden SeaStar

    The Golden SeaStar is an honorary title reserved for a few Yacht Chefs, to recognize their vast contribution to the culinary world in yachting. Throughout their careers they have shown an extraordinary attitude towards food. Therefore, no evaluation is necessary because the world already knows their unparalleled knowledge of different cuisines.


The Assesment Price is inclusive of all administrative and technical fees. Assessments are carried out at SeaStars’ partners facilities (Yacht Clubs or Cooking Schools).

  • The Examination Board

    In order to give the necessary relevance and authority to the SeaStars Assessments, each Examination Board assigned for the candidates’ evaluation is composed as such:

    1 Professional Chef member of WACS (World Association of Chefs’ Societies). WACS is the most important professional Chefs certification organization in the world. 1 Yacht Captain with more than 10 years’ experience in charters.

    1 SeaStars Assessments Director to certify that procedures are correctly applied.

The Certificate of Competence

The Certificate of Competence (CoC) is the professional certification issued by SeaStars to Yacht Chefs that attained a SeaStars level through assessment.

In the CoC besides the SeaStars level, other relevant professional information is indicated, such as the certified experience onboard (Chef Service Record or CSR) and the geographical areas of service. The CoC also contains a QR code updated electronically in real time by SeaStars operators, containing all current CSR updates.

Certified References

All Yacht Chef Members have references properly verified by SeaStars operators. The Yachting Professionals could have access to certified informations greatly easing the Yacht Chef hiring process, saving time and money compared with a standard recruiting process