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At Seastars we believe that excellence is the centerpiece of every professional yacht chef's job.

For this reason, we certify the best chefs of the industry with severe tests. But with such a certification, each of our Members can undertake a fantastic and rewarding career thanks to his professional qualification shown on his C-Book.

We also realized that chef's competence and skills alone are not enough to guarantee a standard of excellence suitable for yacht guests.

You need the raw material to do the magic, you need excellent products. For this reason we have selected, and we continue to do so, some companies producing what we believe have the highest quality standards thus guaranteeing the perfection sought after by each SeaStars Chef.

Below you will find the products identified and selected on the basis of our Excellent Quality Approval Regulations which can be consulted by clicking on this link.

The approval label is divided into three colors to make the scope of application immediately recognizable according to the following parameters:


Blue Label
SeaStars Approved - blue seal

It is released to companies that produce, work, process and distribute food or gastronomy products.


Red Label
SeaStars Approved - red seal

It is issued to companies that manufacture, work, process and distribute professional and casual clothing products, including textiles and / or clothing for human use.


Yellow Label
SeaStars Approved - yellow seal

it is issued to companies that manufacture, work, process and distribute kitchen and hotellerie accessories, and any other accessory used and / or usable for hospitality and personal well-being.

Seastars Partners Excellences

Anna Chromý

Creativity is not just one of the fundamental aspects of the art of cooking, but it is fundamental to all arts and to Stars & Sharks. We believe in being creative in our quest for excellence and for this reason we decided to name a different Shark Artist with who we collaborate every year. For 2019 we are pleased to announce the legendary Anna Chromý as our Shark Artist of the Year.

Anna is a world-renowned artist and sculptor whose works include the 2012 Olympic Sculptures, one of which, Ulysses, now resides in Monaco Harbour. Anna will be producing for us exclusive pieces to be given as gifts, with our various packages for brokers and sponsors